Elaine Stritch RIP

Elaine 1Celebrities14I never met Elaine Stritch nor did I ever get to see her perform live — but I did have the opportunity to photograph her twice.

The first time was at the opening night of Christine Ebersole’s solo show at the Carlyle Café. I was capturing images of Christine and celebrities who came to see her in the show (after the show) including Joan Rivers, Angela Lansbury, Tovah Feldsuh, Tommy Tune and, of course, Elaine.

I actually don’t think Elaine was at the show but she lived at the Carlyle. After the show was over I looked up and there she was, a bowl of ice cream in her hand, climbing over a bar stool.

After she finished her ice cream, she decided to mingle and take advantage of some photo ops. She pulled Christine aside.

“Let’s stand here like this,” she said, “and pretend we are having a really important conversation.”

Then she signaled it was time to take the photo (and it’s right here on this blog post).

There were a few more photos I captured from that night and you can see them at BroadwayWorld.com.

Sometime later, at the opening night of the Broadway revival of Hair, Elaine made her way across the orange shag carpet.

I called her name: “Elaine!”

She looked up at me.

Click. Flash.

“Did you get it?” she called.

“Yes. I got it. Thank you.”

Then she went on her merry way into the show…

I’ll miss her.